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You can help to bring this nation back to the God who gave us life and liberty by being a faithful witness displaying our national motto and other reminders that we are in fact, "One Nation Under God!"

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to equip believers to be faithful witnesses in declaring the sovereignty of God over our land by displaying our national mottos and patriotic truths about the role God plays in the life of our nation. Do you support the United States handed to us by our forebears? Do your part to help spread the word.

About Us

Rev. Bill Banuchi

Director, New York Faith & Freedom Coalition

We've been singing God Bless America for hundreds of years, and God has certainly blessed this nation above all others. It's time to turn that around and beging singing, and living a life that says, "America, Bless God!" We have been committed to the preservation of our Godly heritage with the full knowledge that God's favor will only rest on a nation that continues to acknowledge His sovereignty over our land. 

Everything we do, every product we sell, and every dollar received goes into the mission of preserving our nation "Under God" for the next generation.